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VC SDK compatibility matrix

Brent Thompson


I'm using VC SDK 2012 on Linux and it doesn't seem to want to work with CWA 2302. It seems that a new version of the VC SDK comes out with each release of CWA but the documentation doesn't mention anything about compatibility of older VC SDK's with CWA's. Does such a list / table exist anywhere, or do we have to trial and error.

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Ah, I get you now. Thanks. I'm more after when support ends -  i.e. a statement like "VC SDK 2012 is intended to work with CWA versions 1908 -2202", which would imply that 2203 or higher either isn't supported or is known not to work. VCSDK <-> CWA compatibility must break at some point, and I'd rather not have to figure that out by trial and error. 


Drivers will have been created using a specific version of VCSDK. New versions of CWA come out constantly. It's not reasonable for driver creators to be forced to up-version their drivers with newer versions of VCSDK. 

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