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MCS 2203 - Temporary Disk Growing quickly and Freeze



After Upgrade VDA and infrastructure in 2203 CU2. The temporary disk growing and freeze because the disk is full.

I try with a new image Windows 10, VDA, WEM , and HDX 3D PRO ( Nvidia drivers).

After 4 minutes, the temporary disk equal 4 GO (with user connection).


I have another problem, the temporary disk is not delete or recreate after restart machine !


Thank you for your helping.


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Sounds like a large number of updates or changes are happening in that image.  I have made it a standard to make my writecache disk to be equal to the c:\ of the streamed image.  Then thin provision that disk so it only uses appropriate storage space.


MS has gone crazy with the scheduled tasks, so there are tons of micro updates that can happen even on a non-persistent image.  And if you aren't using something like fslogix that can 100% store the user profile off the disk 4gb is never going to be enough.

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Same problem here with 2206 + SCVMM (Hyper-V) and 10 Gb temporary disks. The most annoying part is that the Temporary Disk is not deleted/purged/recreated at machine startup, which means that after some time, the machines are unstable to the point of being unusable.

I am upgrading to 2303 to see if things are better but I didn't see any entry in the Release notes to give me hope.

Citrix, please fix this!!

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Thanks Carl for your prompt answer, much appreciated.

We actually removed MCS IO and it is now much better, with no noticeable impact for the moment.

The ability to store the temporary cache disk on local storage was not even available to us, due to technical limitations of Hyper-V / SCCM according to the docs, so I guess there was no point in using MCS IO anyway.

The documentation and blog posts about MCS IO are really confusing.

Notably, blog posts still lingering around from the early days of MCS IO state that the temporary disks are deleted after each reboot.

This is clearly not the case.


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If you are using memory and disk based writecache set the event logs to go to the writecache drive to keep them persistent over reboot.


Also check windows updates if using desktop OSes.  Microsoft has created so many methods to restart those services even when you have them hard disabled.

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