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Hiding ADC URL Path

Seda Nur Genc

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I want to hide paths on a site from end user. For example, if you open the www.mycompany.com page and click on login, it will go to the www.mycompany.com/login page, or if you click on about, it will go to www.mycompany.com/about. Can we hide extensions such as /login , /about or /any from the user? Can the end user see everything as www.mycompany.com even though he is browsing the pages properly?

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Seda, you can't do exactly what you describe.


If a user requests "/somepath" and you want to prevent them from going there (drop/reset) or redirect to alternate location "/someotherpath", use Responder.  Responder redirects are sent to the user to make a new request to new location.

If a user requests "/somepath" and you want to change it from the ADC to the server side of the request to "/someotherpath" then use Rewrite (oversimplification of rewrites capabilities).  Rewrites are not seen by user, and are only changed between the adc to server side (in this example).


If you want the user to only see "http://www.demo.com/" with no path information, but the ADC still has to fetch specific paths server side:  "/somedir", "/someotherdir/somepage.asp" etc:  you can't do that specifically. From the client side, the client still has to make a request for different objects/pages; and each request will still be seen by client as separate requests to different paths/objects.


You can use rewrite or URL Transform more likely to rewrite URLs from a public format that can then be converted into private format, but you can't just hide all paths/objects behind a single public URL FQDN with no distinct path elements. You will still have some sort of distinct public form of all objects/page requests being mapped to the actual/private object/page requests.


If you were to access the page as clientless access via gateway with full encrypt of the transform, you could also hide most of the page element details.


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I guess I didn't fully explain. I don't want it redirected to another URL. For example, I am on the citrix page and I see the page named citrix.com in the browser.

Then I click learn how and the extension changes to citrix.com/lp/destination-hybrid.html. After clicking it, I want to see citrix.com again without path, citrix.com/lp/destination-hybrid.html should run in the background and the page content should load, the user should navigate the site as they wish, but not see the path extensions.

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-05-09 153548.png

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-05-09 153615.png

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