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Netscaler Monitor Using DNS Name instead of IP Adresse

Stephan Burger

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Hi all,


we are using netscaler ADC with the load balancer http - monitor send "GET /service/IsAlive". But I got an Error 400  Bad Request.


The reason for this answer is that the apache server only works with dns and not with ip requests.


In wiresharke i see the Full request URI: (where is the IP of the server with the dnsname example1.com)


If I define a monitor with include the servername  (like send GET http://example1.com:3712/services/IsAlive) it works fine. But then i have to define for each server (example1, examle2,...) an own monitor.


Is it possible to define an http monitor with the dns name of the FQDN of the servers?







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To probe my name you would need a separate monitor for each destination service. Either in the Send Request or using the Custom header option (noted below).


Is the service monitor port 3712 the same as the actual service port you've defined, if not, you can use the monitor's destination port override.


You could also try an http monitor with a host header insertion BUT would still need separate monitors for each destination service.


This will allow you to specify a separate FQDN Host header per monitor; you would still need a monitor for each service.


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You can also load balance by name by creating the services by fqdn with a dns lookup; but it is a cached dns lookup and may not solve the monitor problem. (If that's what you meant.)

Create your server objects by name instead of IP; then create services. You would likely still need the custom monitor per service though.  


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