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Netscaler VPX - HA Sync over VLAN

Rowen Gunn

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Good afternoon! I've got an issue trying to isolate HA Sync traffic to it's own VLAN/Interface on my Netscaler VPX ADC. I can only get my VPX NetScaler's to HA Sync on the management VLAN/Interface and nothing else.


To start I added a new Network adapter in VMWare to each Netscaler VPX and verified the Netscaler can "see" them, this is Interface 1/2 on both devices.

Then I added the VLAN these network adapters are linked to in VMware (aka 261) and bound it to interface 1/2.

I created a SNIP on the subnet VLAN 261 is connected to and pinged it to verify traffic is coming and going from the Netscalers across the subnet. Deleted the SNIP after test.

I went to HA Sync settings and told it to sync over VLAN 261. Netscalers can "see" each other but cannot save config from primary to secondary.


So far as I can tell the VLAN is setup right, the interface binding is the same as the other IPs on the device, and my test showed the Netscaler can use the subnet and s/r traffic on it. However when I set this VLAN to be the HA SYNC VLAN it just fails every time. Does anyone have any experience with setting the HA SYNC VLAN on a VPX or even if there's a log somewhere that I could find out why it can't sync.



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The HA sync utilizes the NSIP of the devices to send traffic.  So you would need that vlan to have the same tagging for the NSIP address space.


Usually I will isolate the HA Sync to the NSIP network space and place that on a trusted management network.  Utilize a PBR to handle that traffic communication to that VLAN and interface set.  They setup dedicated Data VLANs for traffic that just have heartbeat on them.

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