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Unable to connect web server VM from my netscaler VM

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I have created a lab to learn VPX ADC and my lab environment as per below. All the below 3 machines are connected via VMWare Workstation Bridged Network.

    *Host - Windows 10, IP Address is, Firewall & Antivirus.

    *VM 1 - Windows 2016, IP Address is, Firewall & Antivirus.

    *VM 2 - Citrix ADC Release NS13.1 27.59.nc, NSIP is, SNIP,

I am trying to configure a load balancer in ADC. I added the load balancing > Server as which shows the STATE as ENABLED. Then I went and added a Service Group and selected the server as and port 80. What is happening now is that the Service Group shows that the STATE is ENABLED but the EFFECTIVE STATE is DOWN.

I investigated and found that I am unable to ping or telnet on port 80 from ADC (VM 2) to VM 1 and error shown in DOWN state of Service Group is "failure - timeout during tcp connection establishment stage". I am not able to understand why so since the web page hosted on VM 1 ( is accessible just fine from the Host ( on port 80. Also, the load balancing feature has been enabled in the ADC.

Could you please help me understand what is going wrong in this config?

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