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How to configure waf and load balancing function for my server from scratch

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Thanks for raeding my question.At present, my situation is like this. I need to deploy the waf function and load balancing function of Citrix vpx for my two servers.1bb6392c5dc6a4f3a1fe7cd62967a5e.png.c3929098a6ed5b79d168466765c6c158.pngThe file I am using is "NSVPX-ESX-13.1-30.52_nc_64.ovf".But before that, I need to test it in the vmware virtual machine environment.9faac070915d737cdae8f606e724e45.thumb.png.138904bb7451475e320adfa42bf977ed.png I have not done any configuration on Citrix,but  I can't connect to my server (vmware2 in the above picture) from citrix (vmware1 in the picture above). I want to know how to configure from scratch and complete my needs, I hope you can give a method or corresponding docs, thanks again.

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1 hour ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

It's usually a problem with routing or firewall. Is the SNIP able to route to the servers? Is there any firewall between the SNIP and the servers? Did you specify the correct port number when adding the servers to the service group?

I can't ping from citrix to my server.But I am operating under the default configuration of citrix, and I have not made any other changes

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