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Created nFactor session for user Anonymous

Gongya Yu

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My Citrix Gateway does not show log in page, just directly shows "No active policy during authentication" . I checked the ns.log to find "Created nFactor session for user Anonymous". 

Anyone can shed some light on this ?


thanks !!

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1. What version of ADC are you on? 

2. For your gateway are you using classic engine or advanced engine (if on 13.1, you may need to be fully on advanced engine) for authentication policies?

3. If no authentication policies are bound to your gateway vpn vserver, do you have it properly integrated with an authentication vserver and does it have the advanced authentication policies bound?

4. Is your gateway integrated with content switching?


If you are still using classic engine authentication policies the fix is different than for advanced engine authentication policies with authentication vservers.

And if your Gateway is behind a CS vserver, then the cs vserver and gateway may need to be integrated with the authentication vserver.




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Adding a note here. I just saw you labeled the post as "Created nFactor session for user Anonymous".

First, gateway can't do anonymous.

As a result, I do not know what you mean by this.


For better help from the forums, please provide a more complete description of what you are trying to do and maybe summarize your configuration.  

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