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Why does Citrix vpx can not ping my gateway?

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Please Help Me! I use the file "NSVPX-ESX-13.1-30.52_nc_64.ovf" to build my citrix environment. After the initialization is successful, I can open his web management page as shown below, 80d0c369ba44ef5bbee85f54607162c.thumb.png.9b2314d330ac3496549ab1763ecf7f3f.pngand I can also ping this ip address, but I fail to ping the gateway of this citrix device from the inside. c517174e6322b2fee1520f541f333bc.thumb.png.92b289c3f89f0f341474d5b9b84bdf39.png I wonder What is it? What is the reason, thank you very much. I am not sure if I need to provide any additional information. If you need any more detailed information to analyze my problem, please provide it for me and I will publish it. Thank you very much for your help and support

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