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CWA disables local Visual Effects

Alexander Oppolzer


Everytime our users start a Citrix App the visual Effects on their LOCAL Windows Desktop get (partially) disabled. Most noticable the "show content of window while dragging".

This has been an Issue for many years now and with all and every CWA Version.

It is extremly annoying for our users because they really need this Feature.

I've read many posts on this problem and it looks like concentr.exe is the culprit.

We use Session Pre-Launch a lot and that makes the problem even worse, as it now happens immediatly after login and stays until the session or the user logs off.

Citrix, why is this still a Thing after so many years and can we PLEASE have a final fix for this annoying issue!!??


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I cannot reproduce that in my own environment. I can drag local windows showing content. We set policy on the Citrix published apps to only show the border on drag and that also works. One is not affecting the other.


There are Citrix policy that controls how a window appears when dragged, 'View contents while dragging'. Is that set for your published app users? Local windows should be controlled by Computer Properties, Advanced System Settings, Performance, Show window contents while dragging. Is that selected? Does it change after opening a published app? 

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