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No VPN with 13.1 42.47

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So in my lab environment I am working to test out the Secure Private Access On-premise.  Stood up a new vserver and I cannot get it to work on this firmware.


If I do ICA only it works fine.  As soon as I remove the ICA Only check box it won't work.


Gone through all the standard troubleshooting.  Workspace directly doesn't work.  Web page won't launch VPN client install or download.  Launching the client directly the most I can get connected is IP not detected.


It looks just like this, but these remediations don't work.  Even disabled App Firewall on the box itself.



On my NS trace I see a reset happening with code 9300.  This talks about zombie authentication, but I am using the exact same authentication profile, STA, etc that works for my other ICA sites.


It's very specifically tied to VPN, because if I set it to ICA Only it works 100%.

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Ok, this was a combination of issues.


1. The Secure Access client was out of date.  Uploaded the version on the Citrix Gateway site and it worked.  The NetScaler Firmware released today has an updated version that the previous firmware lacked.

2. For Workspace Access with SPA I had to disable client choice on the Native Receiver setting.

3. Had to upgrade to the latest NetScaler firmware that came out today to get the SPA to work correctly.

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