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Configure patset for AAA Authentication policy

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I am triying to simplify the next expression:




Can I use patset or any other function to do this configuration?, I appreciate if somebody have made that


I tried to create this expression but did not work




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You need the aaa.user.is_member_of_any("<ps_grouplist>") where <ps_grouplist> is your patternset of the Groups you are matching on.

Likely will be a case-sensitive comparison.


The _Any operators evaluate across patternsets.  Group names will likely be case-sensitive on match (though I can't test to confirm). 

aaa.user has an additional unique operator for aaa.user.is_emembe_of_all("<ps_grouplist>") which is an AND condition instead of the usual _ANY which is an OR condition. As an FYI.


The aaa.user.groups operator isn't compatible in this situation for what you want as it is returning a group list and can't in turn be compared to a patternset.


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