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Allow users multiple sessions?

Bill Clark1709159029


Virtual Apps 7 1912 LTSR.  Replacing our published Windows Server 2012R2 "desktops" with WIndows Server 2019.  Have a new Machine Catalog and Delivery Group configured and most everything is working as it should.  Some users today, expressed that they used to be able to launch a second published "desktop" from the old Delivery Group.  Now when they launch a second session it will grab their first session and not present them with a second.  Upon initial appearance, I don't see any difference between the Machine Catalogs & associated Delivery Groups between the old and the new.  I came across the "set-brokerentitlementpolicyrule <Name> -sessionreconnection SameEndPoint" Powershell command, but that didn't seem to do the trick(I didn't reboot the server, just FYI)  Any ideas on how to fix this with Server 2019 published "desktops"?

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