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Is there a way to utilize 3rd party application redirection



I've got an odd situation where I have an application published on a 7.15 Farm.  When that application is running, it can call another 3rd party application, i.e. like a document scanning/viewing app, and what I'm wanting to configure is when that secondary 3rd party app is called, can it be directed to use the local workstation version of that application?



I do have a very elaborate way of setting this up suing some scripting and setting the secondary 3rd party app to use point to the user's local workstation.  However, I'm working at a customer's site where this is working how I stated above, but none of the elaborate scripting settings are in place, so I honestly have no idea how this is working at this particular site.  No one seems to know, including the application vendor.  I know Citrix can redirect certain resources to utilize the local workstation, i.e. URLs, Windows Media, etc, but I don't know of a way to do such a thing with 3rd party applications through Citrix, so I thought I would ask to verify if anyone knows something I'm not aware of.


I'm waiting to get some access to GPOs to dig in there, as I didn't see anything obvious on the Citrix policies.

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