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Problem with DNS Resolution in VPN Setup

Steven Storp

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Hi guys,


i am having a problem with the DNS Resolution in my VPN Setup.
The config is this:

  • 2 NS13.1 42.47.nc HA Pair
  • 2 DNS Name Server are configured under Traffic Managment -> DNS -> Name Server
  • Intranet IP Adresse are configured
  • Split Tunnel is ON
  • Intranet Applications are configured for the Virtual Server
  • Net Profil are configured for the Virtual Server

I am connecting through the gateway via Citrix Secure Access Client, everything worksfine and i getting a Intranet IP Adress.

Now i can only access the Intranet Applications via IP Address. DNS Resolution does not work at all(HTTPS/MSTSC/etc.).


What i tryed so far:

  • Ping our DNS Server via the Net Profil Address -> Works fine
  • Checked our DMZ Firewall Config and do a Paket Trace for the Net Profile Address to our DNS Server -> Works fine
  • Checked Drop Packets on our Firewall -> No Packet are Dropped for Net Profile Address.


Does anyone have an Idea what am i missing?


Greeting Steven

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from my understanding this is not full vpn tunnel, since u have enabled split tunnel 

if you want full tunnel then disable split tunnel 


in case you need to split tunnel some traffic using intranet application lets say for example i want the user to go to website xyxyxy.net but using their own home ISP internet, and not my office internet, then i can enable split tunnel and use intranet application and add the website xyxyxyxy.net IPs , so now any user connect to gateway , all her/his traffic going through the tunnel except the one I specified in intranet application, in this scenario i would make sure under gateway > policies > sessions > session profile 

select the profile which has bind to the vserver,  and then network configuration dns virtual server make sure to select your DNS VIP 

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Thank you for the hint. The frist setup was a full VPN and now i switched to Split Tunnel. I edited the Post.

The VPN Profile is bind to AAA Group no to the gateway vserver. Maybe i have to switch that to the vserver?

Do i need an Virtual DNS Server for Split Tunnel? In Carl Stalhood Documenation it says:

"You will find a setting that lets you select a DNS Virtual Server. Or if you don’t select anything, then the tunnel will use the DNS servers configured under Traffic Management > DNS > Name Servers"


So my Network Configruation for the virtual dns server is empty at the moment.


Greetings Steven


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