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Is it possible to change the DnsName for MCS VDAs to use a subdomain that isn't actually part of Active Directory?



We're trying to set up Virtual Apps and Desktops. Our current roadblock is that MCS is setting the FQDN of the VDA machines to <servername>.<KERBEROS.REALM>, instead of <servername>.<subdomain.of.activedirectory.domain> (KERBEROS.REALM == activedirectory.domain), when the machines are being provisioned. This means the VDA is unable to communicate properly, because even though the machine is identified by <subdomain.of.activedirectory.domain> in virtually everything, it for some reason tries to use DnsName in this one place and fails to resolve the name.

Citrix support has been less than worthless. We've spent hours on Zoom calls with them only for my coworker or I to figure out a solution.


So...is it possible to change the FQDN pattern for the VDA machine name to use when it gets created? Is there something else we need to configure somewhere else?

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So effectively a disjointed DNS namespace...  We have a similar issue, it works with PVS, not MCS and also have a now archived case.


It looks like it's in active development and will be fixed with a future VDA, the engineer I worked with claimed we'd see the fix in both a CR and LTSR CU update.




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