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FSLogix & MS Store (Appx) roaming

Eric Gilliland


Hi all,


I know this is a Citrix and not a Fslogix forum, but they work closely together.  In the 2210 release of FSlogix, they added a new feature:

Feature: Added a new process during the sign-out phase which creates an AppX package manifest for the user. This manifest is used at sign-in to re-register the AppX applications for an improved user experience. This work is on-going as AppX packages and applications continue to evolve. The focus for this work has been on the built-in Windows apps (inbox apps).


Can someone explain the technical specifics of this and how to take advantage of this feature? I would like to be able to have users install apps from the Windows store and roam with their profile containers across a Server OS, non persistent VDI. 


Here is what I have tried unsuccessfully:

1. Install an app from the store not installed on the master image. Log off and log back on. App is gone

2. Install an app on the master image from the store. Deploy the update. Log on to a machine with the deployed update. Log on with a new profile. Install app from the store. Log off. Log on. App is gone. I thought if the source files were on the master, it would have a chance at keeping the app installed.


Other notes:

1. I can confirm the default value of InstallAppxPackages=1 is set in the registry.

2. I see the AppxPackages.xml file is in %localappdata%\fslogix. In this file, it does have the entries I install from the MS Store, even though the apps are gone after logging off and on. This is to be expected with the setting. Where is the disconnect. Why aren't they re-installing?

3. In verbose FSLogix logging during a log on, I a line "Installing 29 Appx packages in 219ms". When I run an "Get-AppXPackages" there are only 24 for my profile. None of them are of course the apps I installed from the MS store.

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