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Can I use the Citrix VPX as an http/s proxy forwarder?

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Hi Michael


i don't think so, but why do you want to use the ADC for that? there are loads of dedicated bits of software that do that.

for example, i use Wingate proxy for my test lab, and for <10 users it's free




Alternatively there are loads of enterprise-class proxy severs out there too.




Ken Z

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11 hours ago, Michael Medwid1709162093 said:

I would like to have the Citrix ADC VPX accept a connection from internal users and then have that traffic forwarded to an external http/https web site. 
When that traffic egresses our network I was that source IP address to be from our data center and not the original IP address of the client. 
Is this possible?

Yes, you can use the SSL Forward Proxy feature, either transparent or explicit.


Or if it's just for one single web site, then you can potentially setup a simple LB vserver (HTTP and/or SSL_BRIDGE), point the services to the public IP (note, the IPs of the site might change from time to time) of the web site (or use domain-based services for dynamic name-to-IP resolution, but resolving at an external DNS) and configure the user localhost file (or your internal DNS, assuming the client is pointing to your internal DNS) to resolve the FQDN to the VIP. Not a very elegant solution, but depending on what you need, might be good enough. 

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