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Citrix Certification for Citrix Netscaler or should I say ADC?


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Getting a bit confused when I try to read what certifications are available for Netscaler. The most recent certifications.

Citrix Certification for Citrix Netscaler or should I say ADC?

I Probably need some help from some Senior who can guide me?


What is the certification path to get some certification with Netscaler?

a )What  Exam must I pass?

b) What is the first level of Certification?

b) How do I get to the next level and so on.


Really appreciate your answer




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For the Citrix ADC/NetScaler certifications:


The Certifications will be the Citrix Certified <x> - App Delivery and Security certifications:

Listed courses and exams below. Courses are not required for exams.  

If you find the exam numbers on training.citrix.com (change product type to exam and filter), you then find each exams prep guide to review topics covered.  https://training.citrix.com/browse/catalog.  Use type filter to search on exams or certs only.  Use products to search on citrix ADC or Citrix Gateway only.


To attain a PROFESSIONAL or EXPERT certification, the prior certs are required. So you will take a minimum of 3 exams to attain expert cert. 

For Associate, there are two paths: gateway focused or lb/policy focused. The LB exam is "easier" if you know policies. 


Levels (from first to last):

Citrix Certified ASSOCIATE - App Delivery and Security

  • Either ONE of the following Exams (and course numbers listed):
  • The NS ADMIN course/Exam (focused on setup/ha/lb/ssl  and then policies and policy based features (responder/rewrite/content swtiching/cmp) and gslb.
    • Exam:  1YO-241 
    • Course:  CNS225 Deploy and Manage Citrix ADC 13.x with Traffic Management
  • -OR- The Gateway Admin course/exam (same first three days as admin, followed by 2 days of gateway going through full vpn/clientless and cvad ica proxy)
    • Exam:  1YO-231
    • Course: CNS227:  Deploy and Manage Citrix ADC 13 with Citrix Gateway
  • Also note, the courses are modular if you want to take the class, you can take the CNS225 (5 days) and then take just the R/F of 227 (as 226) 2-days. as an example. 

Citrix Certified PROFESSIONAL - App Delivery and Security

  • This corresponds to the advanced admin class and is the AppFw / other security features / ADM / Caching / other settings...
  • Certification requires the ASSOCIATE cert (so ONE of the associate admin exams and the advanced exam).
  • EXAM: 1YO-341
  • Course:  CNS320


Citrix Certified  EXPERT - App Delivery and Security

  • This corresponds to the design course. Mixture of Gateway and Admin/LB advanced topics.  Deeper dive on AAA and GSLB among other topics.
  • Certification requires you have completed the ASSOCIATE and the PROFESSIONAL. so one of the admin exams AND the pro (advanced) exam.
  • EXAM: 1YO-440
  • Course:  CNS420


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