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Citrix Receiver desktop clean-up utility



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We use an install script to manage (re)installation.

I have attached a copy of the script and associated files (feel free to modify and reuse it).
Download your preferred version of CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe and place it in the CITRIX folder.
Just remember to alter the install command (and remove the ***) to fit your Citrix-system. It will not work out-of-the-box.

Read the instructions at start and inside the script.

It also cleans up after bad Citrix Receiver/Workspace installations, both using Citrix' own cleaner, but also runs some custom .reg files that I find cleans even more up than Citrix' cleaner.
This cleaner is an older version and supposedly a newer version is included
Citrix uninstaller still leaves a lot of crap in the registry. (also true about many other programs, but here we are only concerned with Citrix)
In very rare cases you need to run the script 2-3 times for it to completely clean up a bad installation, but I've rarely had to do it more than three.
95+% of the time, it works on the first run.

If something goes wrong, the background turns red. If (re)install succeeded, it turns green.

Also remember to run it under an admin account and use "Run as Administrator".


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