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Citrix on-premises to cloud question




we have a CVAD on-premises in a MultiForest (forest A and B in 2way trust) that publishes resourches for all users.

CVAD DC and SF are placed in the forest A.

If I want to migrate Access and Control layer to Citrix Cloud, can I have the cloud connector only in the forest A or is it better to install it on both forest?





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You will need cloud connectors in the domain where the VDA registers - you cannot traverse trusts with Cloud Connectors when DaaS needs to lookup users 


If you have a domain where there are just users, then you can deploy either Cloud Connectors (Windows) OR Cloud Connector Appliances which will allow the DaaS Service to understand users in the trusted domains

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Ok, thanks.

A last question...from your experience, if I move control layer to Citrix Cloud, can I manage both companies with a single "account" or is it better have separate account for every domain?

Both companies share Internet connection and resources are placed in the same datacenter.




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