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How to improve performance of VDA servers with Teams.


Good day.

Our users are complaining that the user experience with Teams on our VDAs is not great - but not everyone is seeing the same issues.  We are wondering what we can do to improve the overall experience for our users.  As such, we'd like to have feedback on what other Citrix implementations do to mitigate this.

As a reference, here is our environment:
We are talking about 1100 users.
All VDAs are located in Azure.
VDAs are Windows Server 2016 servers using the Standard_D8s_v3 machine size (8 vcpus, 32 GBs of RAM, 12800 IOPs, Premium SSD for OS Disk)
Functional level of machine catalog and delivery group is 2206.
VDA software version is 2212.0.0.77
User profiles are configured through FSLogix.  For profile containers, we have a Cloud Cache location where two servers each have three data disks, and depending on where the office of the user is their profiles are located on the right datadisk (these machines are in Azure, with a size of Standard_E32-8AS).  We have three servers for Office files (including Teams files), depending on the office location.  The machine size of those servers are standard Ebs-v5 (8 vcpus, 64 GB of Ram, but very fast disks).
Users have a wide range of the Workspace Client installed, but majority should be 23.2.
We allow a max of 8 users per machine, or until the machines have 80% of it's RAM full.
All of this goes through an ADC HA pair (active-passive) at 13.1 33.54.

Users work from the office, from home, from anywhere.  Users complain at the office and at home equally.

We'd like to know if using vGPU enabled VDA servers would help with the Teams' performance.

Any tips, tricks, hidden knowledge would be appreciated.  Thank you for the assistance!

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What part of teams are you using.  Do you have the Teams offloading setup and enabled?  


Teams is a pig on resources, so plan on reducing your per user count.


Also when people have complaints, what exactly are the complaints?


GPU really only helps out with any apps you are running inside of teams.  If their issues is with audio and video, that should all be getting offloaded to the end point.


If the endpoint has really poor internet, that is going to cause issues more than anything else.


Teams also is frequently updated.  So make sure to uninstall and reinstall the latest version frequently.  I have it scripted in my update scripts so that every maintenance cycle refreshes things.


What exclusions for Teams do you have setup in FSLogix? 

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We're using mainly for discussions, video and audio.
We do not have the policy "Microsoft Teams Redirection" for Microsoft Teams configured, so it should be using the default settings of offloading to the client, correct?
Complaints are mostly bad audio quality, stuttering video, disconnections.

We update Teams (along with the image) every month.  If VDA software updates contain updates for Teams, we try to deploy them.  For the Workspace client, we are trying to keep up with the updates.
We currently have no exclusions configured in FSLogix.


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