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Sizing Disk for ADM when using Syslog Server

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The Citrix ADM deployment guide https://www.citrix.com/content/dam/citrix/en_us/documents/downloads/netscaler-adc/Citrix_ADM_HA_Deployment_Guide.pdf is dated 2018 but has some sizing guidance in it.


The maximum time you can keep syslog message is 180 days.


It is suggested that 1 x NetScaler producing an average of 3 Syslog messages per second, and retaining those syslog messages for 180 days would require approx. 35GB of disk for syslog only (all other features turned off), approx. 120GB in total (the rest for system management).




If enabling TCP logging ramps up syslog messages to say 100/sec, and you keep the maximum 180 day retention, then approx. 1.2TB is required for syslog data, 1.3TB disk in total.

Citrix report that on-prem ADM has been validated up to 300 syslog messages/second - approx 3.5TB, 3.6TB in total.


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