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Attempting to set IP address on boot nic - Message after VMware driver update via WU

Gero Kotzur


Hi all,


after VMware driver update via windows update image won't boot anymore.
Stuck at "Attempting to set IP address on boot nic".

I can delete the version and start over.

I remember that this VMware driver updates were running fine in the past.
But this time....

Maybe anyone has an idea how i can fix this or where i have to start to troubleshoot?


Best regards.

image (1).png


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How did you update the VMWare tools in the vDisk? The only supported way of doing this is via reverse image, then update the tools in the resulting disk, reboot as many times as it tells you to and then reimage the updated disk to the new vDisk version (or new vDisk).


There are some ways that this can be done live by playing with booting from an emulated E1000 NIC instead of the vmxnet3 device for example but this is complicated and error prone.


By the way -- that screen you show with the dots should time out after 60s and output a message to that effect. It can take 30s or more for WIndows to bring the vnxnet3 device into service.


Simon Graham

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Hi Simon,


thank you for answering. Mh, i think i understand now....

I've did not updated the VMware tools.

The NIC driver update was delivered via windows update (Online).

I've now disabled driver updates via windows update with registry key.


After the 60s timeout the image restarts itself withour an additional message.

Or maybe i passed the additional message (two times ? )




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