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How to deliver a new VM if one is unregistered because ESI is lost




we have a scenario where we are testing the loss of an ESXi


Test 1

When we "shutdown" the ESXi the delivered VDI goes to state unregistered after 5 mins (Can we change this?).

After 5-10 more minutes a new VDI is delivered. Can we change this also?
Test 2 : 

When we only unplug the VDI from the network (ESXi is still communicating with the DDCs) the VDI goes to state unregistered but a new VDI is never delivered.

I have checked
Set-BrokerServiceConfigurationData - Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 2212 SDK Documentation
Registry Entries Used by XenDesktop Broker Service (citrix.com) (for DesktopServer\MaxHeartbeatIntervalMs)

That doesn't seem to work or be the right parameter to modify.

Thank you.


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