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Use ADC VPX (Freemium) to configure cluster (active/active) or a failover with two StoreFront

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I have a small Citrix 7 1912 infrastructure with 70-80 users connected as the same time during day and only accessible from LAN (no access from Internet) on an ESX infrastructure.


I would like to set up a cluster (active/active) or a failover with two StoreFront (Get-STFVersion => with one VIP. I don’t need more security, filtering etc… I just want to have the flexibility to shutdown/reboot or lost a StoreFront without cut the disponibility of service.


I have seen Citrix ADC VPX (Freemium) on Citrix website, I have tried to set up it with only one Storefront but without success. On every website I have seen, there is a reference to Citrix Gateway (which feature isn’t include in Freemium edition).


As I am discovering Citrix ADC, I don’t know if it’s me who doesn’t configure Citrix ADC correctly or if it’s not possible to set up this without Citrix Gateway.


My questions are :


-          Is my asking feasible ?

-          Do you have a link with explain how to configure Citrix ADC and Storefront  (in english or in french, si un francophone passe par là…)


Thanks in advance


Best regards

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Carl's article is correct for how to load balance storefront.

Just adding a few notes to clarify:

Yes, you can load balance storefront via an ADC and it is only dependent on the load balancing feature which is included in the freemium/express edition. Also, any load balancer can load balance your storefront servers.

This IS NOT installing storefront on the ADC, which isn't supported anywhere. Only legacy web interface had a WI on NS option and that has been unsupported for a while.


Using the VPN Vserver / Citrix Gateway is what requires a Standard or higher license. 

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