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MAC- Citrix Workspace Windows - in Fullscreen mode -->move outside the visible Screen on my monitor

Tom Liebau


Dear all,


I have installed the Citrix Workspace App on a MAC Mini. After starting the app is all normal. If I start the virtual client in fullscreen mode change/moves the screen to the right side outside the visible screen on my monitor. I can't get tback. The Workspace App is open but I can't see the content of my screen. So the started virtual client on the Citrix Workspace is outside my monitor. When I click on the Citrix Workspace app icon in the bottom bar of the MAC again, it opens for a second and then change it outside my visible screen. If I click fast enough inside and happen to catch the minimize menu, it exits full screen mode and I can see the contents of the Citrix Workspace again. 


I use: Citrix Workspace app 2301 for Mac Version: (2301)

macOS 12 Monterey on MAC Mini


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Hi Jeff, thanks for you're answer.


The Screen is 2560 x1440 Dell U2715H


I can't increase the memory on the Citrix Server. Its a company server. I haven't access. 


I can only modify my Citrix Workstation App on the MAC. 


Short Overview


MAC MINI incl. Citrix Workstation App--->http adress to my company-->in CITRIX Workstation start the Virtuell Environment (Windows 10). 

If it's startet in a normal CITRIX Workstation Window -->it works


If start full screen from the Workstation switch the window (started Windows 10 Citrix Environment) on my MAC in the right side outside the Monitor. 

Then I can click in the MAC Bar below the Citrix Workstation app. The App open for a second and switch to the right side of the Monitor Screen. 


If you minimize a window on a Mac do you have the same behavior. The graphical slide to bottom, but the difference is, I can open a minimize Window, but not the 

Windows (fullscreen, maximise) outside my screen.


Sorry is not easy to describe.


Best Regards Tom



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