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Short notification sounds in-audible

Barry Handyside


We are unable to hear short sound notifications (ones that are like half a second long!). This is really important for us as we have traders using the platform and the short sound notifications alert them to new messages (Bloomberg). All other sounds are fine. If we keep the audio channel open by having a radio running in the background with the volume down, the the short sounds work fine.

I'm running 


VDA 2203 CU2

CWA 2302

Audio is configured to use UDP

Adaptive Audio has been disabled (as this improved sound quality)

Audio Quality is set to Med


If i RDP to the desktop, the short sound plays fine. but over Citrix you cannot hear it unless you have another audio stream playing in the background(which is our current work around!)

we are also using the KeepAlive for UDP reg key as we found our audio devices would stop working periodically. we have this set to 15 (ping the channel every 15secs to keep it open) and have also tried this at "1" but to no avail.


Any suggestions to get very short sound notifications working??


in fact, i think this is also apparent with longer sounds, however we don't notice this so much missing the first half sec of a longer sound..




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