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Citrix policy changes at Citrix Studio

Zulhadi Zainal


Hi All,


I just to ask the best practices when we done a policy changes at Citrix Studio. My question is:


1) If we do a policy changes at Citrix Studio and apply it at certain Delivery Group, is it all the VDA that assigned to the Delivery Group need to reboot to take effect?


2) if required reboot, any best practice for that? 

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10 hours ago, Barry Handyside said:

No, citrix studio policy changes will take affect after a session dissconnect/re-connect - no reboot required

Hi @Barry Handyside,


Thank for your input on this. 

So, that mean after I apply the policy changes in citrix studio, i dont need anything right? After user try to login to the VDA, the policy will take effect immediately? Is it correct sir?

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