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INTERMITTENT "Your account cannot be added using this server address" when adding account to workspace app

Chris Gundry


Hi all


Wondering if anyone can assist please?


Historically we didn't use the workspace app/didn't configure it, we used the web portal to launch sessions and that was that. However, the auto configuration of the workspace app did use to work at some point when putting in citrix.domain.com or email address. At some point it seems that has INTERMITTENTLY stopped working, but we have no idea when as it is rarely used and no one raised the issue until recently...


The setup is that there is an ADC HA pair in front of the usual SF server group pair. I tested disabling each of the SF servers and confirmed that SF2 seems to be the issue, it fails all the time on SF2 but SF1 is fine. Great, getting somewhere... Now what! SF2 is propogated from SF1, there re no errors in the logs etc, so at a bit of a loss...



Looking at the receiver logs I can see something which is indeed odd to me, the location for https://citrix.domain.com/Citrix/Store/discovery is listed as INSIDE, when the client is external... It also seems to say that it fails to find the store address, so uses the default location. Our store is /Citrix/xxxxStore/, but all the URLs in that log are just /Citrix/Store/.

/discovery doesn't exist in IIS either.

/Citix/Roaming exists, but not the subfolder /Accounts


As far as I can tell the IIS folders/files are the same on both SF1/SF2.


I have attached a redacted version in case it gives anyone any ideas.


If anyone has any ideas, its greatly appreciated.




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15 minutes ago, Jeff Riechers1709152667 said:

I would reset SF2 to factory default storefront, and then re-add it to the server group replicating from SF1.


That was my original plan if no one had any ideas about what specifically might be wrong. I don't like just 'resetting' things, without knowing why they broke, but in this instance it might be required...

However, we were also already in the middle of planning to migrate to new SF servers as part of a server OS replacement. I have tested those servers, which were created with a SF config backup from SF1, and they appear to be working fine. So hopefully this issue will go away when we complete that at the weekend.

I guess this issue itself will have to remain a mystery... :/

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Just to close this off...


We confirmed it was due to something on SF2 server, but not clear what. We were in the process of replacing Server 2012 R2 VMs with Server 2019 VMs, so we tested the new SF servers and completed our migration and the issue is resolved. So unfortunately we don't know what was wrong with SF2 and Citrix support were no use on the matter, just told us to rebuild SF on the server.

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