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block URL path

Kashif Iqbal

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I am new to Responder policy, I want to block Zimbra HTML URL path (/h), I tried below responder request policy with DROP but getting expression error. not sure what makig mistake. any help would be appreciated.




Error: Expression syntax error [ecase).eq(^\"h\"), Offset 54]

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Hi carl,


Thanks so much for your help, I am now ablt to add policy by removing backslashes but Its not working, I created Responder policy with Drop but not able to block URL path mail.zimbra.com/h 


I used below expression




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Is the path you are matching on exactly /h only or /h<andother stuff> vs /h/<andotherstuff>


Also, if you were to look at your  request,  and the request to /h is actually this request AND other requests too. You might only be blocking the one object and not other dependent requests that are outside this pattern.

You can confirm by using the browser developer tools and see for the page load what other requests are present, and if you are only blocking one or some of the requests and not others.


Also, confirm your policy bind point and if you are or aren't seeing policy hits or if another higher priority policy is hitting first.

Responder will be highest priority policy match first.

But you may have a policy globally, or a policy on an http:// vserver and you are testing your https:// vserver instead.



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