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Is there a way to log the name of the LB vserver chosen?

Justin McNutt

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I have a responder policy applied to a number of LB vservers.  This policy logs a number of different things such as the client IP address, the CS vserver IP address, and so on.


One thing that I haven't figured out how to add to the log expression is the name of the LB vserver.  The CS vserver has a number of policies that select an LB vserver in the usual way.  I would like to have a log message that confirms the name of the chosen vserver.


I have looked at variables like SYS.VSERVER().NAME, but that requires already knowing the name of the vserver (which makes me wonder how the .NAME class was intended to be used, but I digress).


Is there another way to do this?  Or am I using the wrong syntax?  And can I get the LB vserver name rather than the CS vserver name?

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Are you writing this out with a logging policy?  You could create a custom policy for each vserver and just hard code the name of that LB vserver into it.  Yes you have to duplicate the policy and make it unique for each vserver, but I have used this method in the past for guaranteeing appropriate data in each log.

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