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Remove quotation marks from syslog messages?

Justin McNutt

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An example message received by our syslog server from the ADC is as follows:


Mar 14 11:18:48 03/14/2023:11:18:46 test-adc1 0-PPE-0 : default REWRITE Message 309415 0 : "HTTP response in TEST received. method=GET vip= client= clientport=51803 url=https://test-vip1/ lbsocket= realserversocket= responsecode=404"


Note the quotation marks before "HTTP" and after "404".


These quotation marks confuse Splunk and prevent it from properly extracting the fields like "url" and "responsecode" and so on without doing a lot of extra work.


Is there a way to remove/suppress/replace those quotation marks?

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