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FIDO2 authentication with Netscaler access from external

Beat Buser1709156910




Customer needs to implement FIDO2 security usb sticks. As I know Netscaler gateway does not support FIDO2 at the moment.

As of security reasons the customer also do not want to use FAS but will have SSO like logon process for the users.


Now I had designed a solution but not sure if this is working.


We do SAML authentication from Netscaler to ADFS. So ADFS can do the FIDO2 logon for the Netscaler.

On the VDI we will allow FIDO2 redirection so users have to select the USB stick a second time but has not to enter any passwords.


Anyone outhere who can say if this could work? Or anybody with a better solution?


To say is that the solution will be uses absolutly offline. Internet connection is highly forbidden.

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