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Workspace app 2203 Unresponsive after VPN disconnect

Derek Loveless


We are testing Workspace app 2203 CU2 to allow us to move off of Workspace app 1912.  Our users have notified us that Workspace app becomes unresponsive after the VPN disconnects.  We have to kill Workspace app in order to get things working again.

This scenario (After Upgrading to Citrix Workspace 2203 LTSR CU2, cannot connect to apps after VPN reconnect : Citrix (reddit.com)) fits with ours very much.  We are going to try the registry key and see if that helps, but I'm curious about a couple of things.  One, I can't find anything about the regkey mentioned and would like to know what it is, and two is anyone else having this issue and aware of a solution that might be different than what we have found on Reddit?



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We found out from Citrix Support that this is an issue with 2203, and that the fix should be in 2203 CU3 (currently in Beta testing, release date TBA).  Also per Citrix Support, the registry value & data:



Is indeed a fix (workaround).  What the registry value & date does is, it tells CWa to use the Internal beacon.  That does mean that would limit using CWa outside of VPN, which our users are not doing (that we know of).  We are planning to push the registry value & data to our machines with the VPN client.


Worth noting that in the CWa 2212 release notes, there is a fix noted that seems to match this issue:

"Attempts to access Citrix Workspace app for Windows might fail when the VPN disconnects or reconnects [CVADHELP-20376]"

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