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Protecting Load Balancer with SAML


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Citrix ADC 13.0 Build 88.14


Currently we have SSO configured with AAA vserver using LDAP authentication for TM Load balances services.

We are looking to implement MFA to protect our TM load balanced servers (lbvsvr) using SSO with SAML and Azure AD.

Does this option work as I have seen alot of documents on configuring this option on Citrix Gateways but none if you want to protect the TM Content Switch or Load Balancer ?


Has anyone implemented this successfully and is there a step by step guideline on how to implement ?

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Sure it's working fine. You just have to double-check which credential provider your backend webserver (lbvsrv target) is accepting if you would like to have SSO into that web-application after the successful login to Azure AD, too. When switching from LDAP to Azure AD, your NetScaler is just having a SAML or OAuth Token. If your webserver isn't supporting a modern authentication, you can (for example) fall back to kerberos.




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