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Windows Key from HP ThinPro

Dustin Heida1709156351


We're new to Citrix Apps (done a lot of Desktop). We have it up and going and are testing it but running in to kind of a weird one we can't figure out. We use HP thin clients running HP ThinPro (7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 8.0) and the Linux Citrix Workspaces App on the thin client. When an app from the session is open, we press the Windows key and it pops up a Start Menu from what we assume is the server. Pressing the Windows key again makes it go away but it's super annoying and I'm sure our doctors won't put up with it. So, we're looking for a way to suppress or redirect the Windows Key when a Citrix Apps session is active. Although I think the answer lies in the thin client settings somewhere, I figured I'd ask here if there's something in Citrix Apps that might be able to address this.




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