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O365 license renewal or activation not working if apps are used programatically

Christoph Sinabell


Hi all,


We have issues from multiple customers that O365 apps are not (sometimes?) renewing their license token properly, if they are used mainly programmatically, for example through Office automation or to generate a document through, by a different main app. Main app can be SAP Logon or any other custom written application. This in turn causes the Office app invoked programmatically to get stuck in the background of the main application and users have to logoff or terminate the process from connection center and then start the O365 app (for ex. Word or Excel) explicitly to run through the activation dialog again. Issues are also reported by customers where O365 is using SSO. Normal activation is working without issues either as published app (thank you ShellBridge) or via the desktop and users don't have to enter username and password. Roaming of license token is using standard UPM because FSLogix would cause problems in instances where we need multiple concurrent instances.


One customer is using Server 2016 other customer is using Server 2019 so it's not all 2016 or 2019 issues.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Hi Jeff,


No idea what you mean with GUI popups?


It's not a click-to-run installation. It's a standard MSI installation on Server 2019. Users won't install any updates by themselves. This is really a problem of Office Activation only not some other popups. If the issue occurs and users then launch any Office 365 app explicitly and it starts working again also in the other app where office is just used in the background. 



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For popups and update messages you can utilize GPO to disable many of these choices for the users, including some auto-signon functions.


For customers that need better token resiliency I have been utilizing FSLogix for those sites.  If you want to stay with UPM you would want to look into utilizing the vhdx container functions.


For those multiple launch issues with FSLogix, you can enable the read only container for subsequent launches.  That works for the majority of my customers that need published apps.


I would really need to see why Office is requesting a re-authentication instead of just utilizing the executed token in the profile.

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