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GPO policies - MMC crashes when I try to view Legacy policies - So I want to migrate them to Studio

Dejul Shah1709157209


We have a number of Legacy Citrix policies in Group Policy - however I can only access them via an old server that needs to be decommissioned (2008 r2) asap. When trying to access them via anything newer than server 2016 or Windows 10, MMC crashes, I have tried on a number of different machines.

I am looking at migrating the policies to Studio - and wondering if there is a migration methods (rather than doing to manually). I can see a number of guides for migrating from Studio to GPO, but not the other way around.

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There is a bit of a trick here which can help, if you have studio and GPO MMC installed on the same box, they appear to call the same location for templates.


So you can take your GPO nested Citrix Policy and create a template for each one. Then you can go into studio, hit refresh, and you should see those templates available, from there you can create a new Policy mirroring the old


It doesn't handle filters and assignments though

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