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CWA Mac - How to disable auto connect when application starts ?

Jm Lamotte



First, allow me to confirm this is not about automatically starting the app at login. That part is fine. 


I'm using Citrix Workspace app on a mac (release is 21.07 as it needs to be compatible with one of my customer's citrix envt). 

I have been using it for a while for one of my customers only (Cust A). Everything was fine, when I launched the app, it would ask for my credentials to access this customer's citrix envt. 


Now I need to be able to connect to another customer's environment (Cust B). I configured my account, and I can login on one or the other, no problem. 


But when I launch the app, it would immediately ask for the credentials of my last connection. So if I was connected to Cust A, quit the app, then launched it again, it would ask for credentials for Cust A. If I need to connect to Cust B, I have to first connect to Cust A, then ask the app to switch to another account. If I simply cancel the login attempt, I see the spinning quarter-circles. And I have to quit, relaunch and login using Cust A. 

I could not find any option to just display the list of accounts, or desktops for me to select. Does it exist ? 


Thanks for your help. 



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