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What are you image update testing processes?

Ross Faverty1709158252


Our environment and user numbers have grown a lot since 2020 and we are past the point of being able to roll out machine catalog updates without a formal well defined process. We have about 250 unique users per week and adaptation is expected to grow quite bit over the next year and recently updates have started to cause some issues from a PR perspective so its not been great (due to that loud 2% of users). So we need to  elevate our beta testing game and I wanted to see what everyone else is doing out there. 

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We have a full DTAP environment,


We build a new disk every month.


In D the citrix engineers take a quick glance at the disk. (tests last an hour max )

In T my coworkers do a basic test where the general applications and functions get tested, this includes a list of all the fixes and known problems we have or had. (tests last 1 part of the day )

In A we ask the application owners to test their applications. (tests last 3 days ) (in this stage security also takes a look at the disk)

Before we go fully to P we assign the new disk to 1 of our pools and let users use this disk, if no big issues arisse from this we go to production fully after 1 week of usage.

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