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WEM Feature Request Check Action Values for Cache update

Jeff Riechers


So I found that if you change the value of an Action that has already been processed and cached on a client, that cached action doesn't get updated.


I think there needs to be some form of Versioning set on the action, so that if you open and edit the action it increments the number so that when the cache loads and sees the version is behind it updates that cache.  This will prevent us from having to remove cached action at logoff as we do now to get changes.


I did a write-up on the issue and our workaround here - 



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This has been around for a while, but there are native options to fix it in the product


I wrote a script here https://jkindon.com/selective-deletion-of-the-wem-actions-tracking-cache/ which has morphed its way into the product set natively - look at "Allow Users to Reset Actions". Users can self service via the agent, or admins can drive the bus from the console


Versioning is a good idea though as slapping the key slaps everything without any form of check

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