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How to determine whether an application launch was through Workspace App or Storefront


Hi all,


I've had an application support person ask how to determine if a user launched their application instance/connection through Workspace App (start menu/desktop populated icons), or through Storefront, and I'm a bit stumped as to whether this is able to be displayed through Studio or Director. I realise that users can reconnect sessions from other devices and between Storefront and Workspace App, and this might muddy results, but we are looking at a subset of users who we can control for testing a certain scenario.


Is anyone able to help me on this one?



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As of right now there isn't a way to track that from Director or Studio, as they only see the ICA session, not the HTML.


Now if you are running everything through NetScaler you could put a traffic logging policy on the Web Receiver and the Native Receiver Session Policies.  That would put items into the log that you could search and tally for hits.  Would take some significant tracking of those logged sessions.

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