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Microsoft Teams Redirection with Nvidia vGPU on VDA



we do have the following scenario:


- Thinclient (Dell Wyse 3070) that is used as the primary workplace Device

- VMware Hosts with Nvidia Grid vGPUs

- MCS-based 2203 LTSR Deployment

- Windows Server 2019

We do want to achieve the following:


- MS Teams should render Video on the VDA (that's what the Nvidia Grid vGPU is for)

- HDX Media Optimization should still work regarding I/O Peripherals


When we enable HDX Media Optimization for Teams ("Microsoft Teams Redirection", enabled by default) the Peripherals are working fine (Webcam, Headset) but GPU on the VDA will not be allocated - this is by Design I guess since the Idea of HDX Media Optimization is, to offload this Workload to the local Client (that the ThinClient cannot handle).

When we disable HDX Media Optimization for Teams, the Peripherals are falling back into legacy Mode (Webcam for example is displayed as "Citrix HDX Webcam ... " and Audio isn't working properly but the GPU on the VDA is actually doing the video workload.


Is there any way to use MS Teams Redirection (concerning the Peripherals like Webcam, Headset) BUT leaving Video decoding/encoding on the VDA to take advantage of the Nvidia GPUs??


Thanks ?


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