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VPX 200 standard AAA licensing

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We have a netscaler gateway VPX 200 standard edition. It has been upgraded from 11 to 12 and is currently on the latest branch of 13.0. I understand to move to 13.1 we need to convert classic policies to advanced and this requires the AAA feature to be licensed. However, from the GUI and CLI it appears we are not licensed for this.


I am hoping this is just a license file renewal needed, as it probably hasn't been updated since at least v12. I currently am not able to obtain these to test, for unrelated reasons.


Does anyone know how to solve this or perhaps faced a similar situation? I have read a few previous similar discussions, but its just confusing me even more!





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13.1 has not yet removed classic policies.


In Standard Edition, go to Citrix Gateway > Virtual Servers and edit one. On the right is Authentication Profile. Click Add and then click Add again to create an Authentication Virtual Server. The rest is normal nFactor config, except the nFactor features are limited. https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-gateway/current-release/authentication-authorization/nfactor-for-gateway-authentication.html

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Hi James


Yeah, this looming classic policy deprecation has had me confused and annoyed. I'm having to go from an old perpetual VPX 50 license (costing little) to a VPX 200 Advanced subscription (costing a lot). I don't even need the additional features. I just want to continue using it as an ICA only Citrix Gateway. I still don't really have a good answer to give my business why operating exactly the same is now costing a lot more.


Carl, is it possible they would remove classic policies within one the builds for 13.1? The message still mentions 'next major release' however.




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