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VPX 200 all SSL traffic get Connection Reset

Matthew King

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Netscaler has been configured and running fine for 10 years. 
Was upgraded to NS13.0 88.14.nc in November. 

No changes to Netscaler or our internal firewalls, and starting at 8:15 on Thursday morning SSL communications  between Netscaler and internal network stopped working. 

Impacts all LBvServers used for internal load balancing as well as external traffic to LBvServers and CSvServers. 

Packet traces show the connection resets. Both Citrix support and our network engineers see the resets but don't find a cause. 

Citrix Access Gateway access was restored by changing service to HTTP, but that isn't an option for ADFS or Exchange. 
ADFS is configured with LBvServers using SSL_bridge and the data still won't pass through. 

Anybody run into a similar issue?

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You say no changes?

1) clock issues and/or license or cert expiration?

2) If in an ha pair, valid certs license on primary but not on secondar?


Certs or license issue could result in SSL failing.


You can't usually run GAteway on HTTP, vs SSL/DLTS so I'm not sure how you accomplished this.

What did you upgrade from to


show license

show ssl certkey


Otherwise, look for core or crash dump files in /var/core or /var/crash.

And log a ticket.

But it helps to understand model, VPX, or vpx on SDX.

Firmware you were on and any other changes that might have been made.



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