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App Layering Disk image file name



When publishing an image using the PVS connector the name i have specified in the console is Loc_100-8-6_V4_R01 but when i run out the image to the PVS server i get Loc_100_8_6_V4_R01. Is it documented someplace that it does this replacement on these characters? is it because it thinks it is a date format? Is there any other characters i can use as a delimiter  so it doesn't get replaced with an _?




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Hi Travis I just tested this in my environment and when i use dashes they stay in the final name and the file name.  The engineers said we do convert form a "." to a "_".  What version of App Layering are you on?  Make sure its the Layered Image Disk File Name you are changing.



Also are you using an Offload composting connector with the PVS connector?  that might make a difference I have tested with offload.

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