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ICA Channel Clipboard Issue with Excel 2016/365

Darryl Sakach


We recently upgraded one of our multi-user session VDAs from Office 2013 to Office 2016. We publish Excel from this VDA. Users have now found that they cannot cut from Excel 365 on the endpoint to Excel 2016 on the VDA or vice versa. They receive this error:


Notice that it is identifying what is being pasted as from Excel 97-2003 even though it is coming from Excel 2016/365. The error is generated going in either direction.


From an RDP session to a non-VDA server with Excel 2016 does not experience the issue at all. RDP Session between non-VDA and local endpoint works fine either direction.


In contrast Cut from Citrix VDA to RDP non-VDA session works fine, but from RDP non-VDA to a Citrix VDA does not work.


All of this seems to suggest there is an issue with how the ICA channel that carries the Excel clipboard data somehow changes it so that Excel identifies it as a blocked Excel 97-2003 stream. The same clipboard data travelling on an RDP connection works fine.


The Citrix sessions are not being restricted for clipboard by any policies.


Citrix Workspace App 2212

VDA 1912


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