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Citrix Gateway RDP Proxy dynamically change name of RDP file

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we use a Citrix Gateway as a RDP Proxy. We have multiple Booksmarks configured and many users need to connect to multiple connections simultaneously.

In the RDP Client Profile, we set the name DOMAIN for the RDP file.

My question is now: is it possible to change the name of the downloaded RDP-file dynamically to the name of the bookmark?

For example: User1 has two Bookmarks configured: Server1 and Server2

When he downloads Server1, the file is named domain.rdp. Then he also needs to work with Server2 and downloads it. The name is then domain (1).rdp.

Now it is annoying for the user to find the correct RDP-Session, as only the name of the rdp file appears in the taskbar.


We use VPX version 13.1 37.38


Best Regards


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