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Printer mappings-Excluded actions



I have printers added as an action in WEM. The action is then assigned to an AD security group. 

A member of the group is not having printers mapped. So I used RSOP on the worker to see what is wrong.

The printers show up under 'excluded action', which doesn't make sense. 

Any ideas?




Relevant part of the log:

11:52:19 Event -> RsltMainFrm1.ProcessPrinters() : Starting Printers Retrieval...
11:52:19 Event -> RsltMainFrm1.ProcessPrinters() : Starting Printers Retrieval...
11:52:19 Event -> RsltMainFrm1.ProcessNetDrives() : Starting Network Drives Retrieval...
11:52:19 Event -> RsltMainFrm1.ProcessPrinters() : Processing Printer -> SecureMono (Id:1)
11:52:19 Event -> VuemFilterController.GetFilterRuleState() : Now Starting Filter Rule Processing -> Filter Rule Id : 1
11:52:19 Event -> VuemFilterController.GetFilterRuleState() : Default 'Always True' Filter Rule (Id:1) Detected -> Returning True Value

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11 hours ago, rmccart859 said:

Yes I enabled self healing to try to fix the issue, but it hasn't worked

The action has already applied and when it was applied it had no self-healing enable - so it's already done its job


in the user session, right click the WEM agent and chose reset actions or whatever it's called, select printers (this will remove tracking status), and then re-process the agent

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43 minutes ago, rmccart859 said:

My users don't have a WEM agent icon in the system tray. Is there a way to do it centrally form the WEM server? 

Would make it a lot easier if you enabled it, as you can then get users to do it selectively. From the console, find your agents, right click and reset actions from there - but it will tackle anyone on the target agent

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